It is already hard to stay miles away from family, friends, and acquaintances. When there is a time to celebrate festivities, any special event, or birthday of a loved one, living miles away in another country is heartbreaking. However, the advent of the cargo shipping industry has made the lives of many people living far away from families pretty easy. With air freight, sea freight, and land freight facilities, you can send bundles of packages and gifts to your family members and friends, no matter where you live.

When the need to use cargo shipping facilities arise, it is crucial to take many things into accountability. You can not just go to a cargo company, hand them over your packages, and tell them to air cargo to Dubai. Especially when you have to send your shipment to an international destination, the procedure tends to get more complicated, as compared to local freight.

To make your cargo experience less arduous, here is a list of things you need to know before you think of using a cargo company to send your family and friends presents.


  • Norms and standards of custom


The first and foremost thing is to have sufficient information about the rules and regulations of customs when you are sending a shipment abroad. Regardless of the mode of shipments, if you are sending any goods to an international land, they need to clear customs at all costs. Completing the necessary paperwork is also a crucial step that must be done with precision to dodge any discrepancies during the cargo procedure. Generally, you will have two custom forms to fill. One for the country from where the goods are being exported, and the other for the country that will be receiving the cargo shipment.


  • Amount of custom fee


If you are exporting goods to an international destination, you will have to pay a certain custom fee. The amount of custom fee depends on the value of the good being transported and also the end destination of the shipment. If you are sending something of high value, you might have to pay a higher customs fee. The amount also depends on a few rules and regulations that might be relevant to the type of goods you are shipping. Hence, it is imperative to know about the customs fee processing so you can analyze the complete cost of your cargo shipment.


  • Mode of shipment


One of the major confusion that arises when you need to send goods internationally is the choice of mode of shipment. The type of goods, the cost, and how fast you need it to be shipped are the deciding factors for the mode of shipment. Ideally, air freight is the best and fastest way to cargo your shipments, but it is expensive to afford. On the other hand, sea freight is cheap, but it takes a long time. Heavy goods, such as machinery are best to be sent via sea, as it is safer and affordable as well.


  • Insurance


When you are shipping your goods to an international land, there are always risks involving breakage, spillage, or any other kind of damage. Thus, it is crucial to insure your shipments by a trustworthy and reliable international insurer company before you send your valuable goods for transportation. However, before finalizing a contract with an international insurer, make sure you have gone through the rules and regulations of the company thoroughly.

Cargo companies are no less than a blessing when you have to send you valuable goods to a faraway land. Just make sure you keep these vital facts in your mind before you send your shipments away.