Despite being neighbors, the transportation of goods and services from India to Bangladesh is quite a complicated process, especially for inexperienced personnel. This is why Aston Cargo has extended its India and Bangladesh Cargo service to make the process easier.

We offer numerous methods to assist you in transporting goods to India and Bangladesh. You can send the shipment via air freight or through cargo shipment. Our services include:




  • Cargo from India from Dubai
  • Sea Cargo to India
  • Air freight to India

Aston Cargo provides freight forwarding solutions to cater to your personal, as well as business needs. With our express cargo service, you can benefit from a door to door facility, which may add to your convenience.

Being experts in the industry, we are able to execute the task in a proficient and timely manner. Our experts examine and take care of every minute aspect of the service, which includes picking up the parcel, loading containers, handling custom clearance, and more. With Aston Cargo by your side, you no longer have to worry about any of the technicalities.




The services provided by Aston Cargo include a full house shipping with our door to door cargo to India facility. If you are moving to a new home in India, and you wish to take along all your belongings, our service can come in handy. With proficient wrapping and increased security, the trained professionals at Aston Cargo can guarantee the delivery of your personal items in a safe and secure manner.




Aston Cargo can also assist you with the shipment of electrical appliances to India and Bangladesh. The appliance shipping service manages each aspect of the shipment, which includes wrapping the equipment in safe, protective coverings. This way, we are able to transport all your appliances without causing any additional damage.




A Furniture is more than just a piece of wood and fabric. Furniture pieces retain all of the memories shared by your family. If you wish to transport your personal furniture pieces to India or Bangladesh, Aston Cargo can be of service. Our facility has held years of experience in shipping used and new furniture across the ocean. You can reach out to our friendly customer service representatives to discuss the details regarding the shipment process.




When it comes to making business decisions, it is imperative to choose a reliable company to

handle the shipments of the goods. Aston Cargo is an experienced, dependable, and transparent facility, which can assist you with a swift shipment of your business-related goods. As a result of our experience, our teams can offer you with an approximate estimate on the total cost, along with the current rate of import and export taxes in India or Bangladesh.

If you wish to avail the services of Aston Cargo to make shipments to India or Bangladesh, feel free to get in touch with our service. You can reach out to our agents via WhatsApp messaging, call, online form, or by writing us an email.

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